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Public Stake Pool

We are a small stake pool operating since the year 2000 and pride ourselves on a track record of proven performance and uptime. Over the last 4 years we have generated 28,661 Ada rewards for our Delegators.


At cardanoX our commitment to Delegators and the Cardano ecosystem is that we will be maintaining 0% pool margin and reinvesting all Operator Ada rewards as additional pledge.

The cardanoX stake pool utilises cloud infrastructure applying the best in class security principles learned through our years of DevsOps experience. Performance and reliability is a core commitment for cardanoX. Our Geo-Disbursed network is designed for 24 / 7 / 365 uptime, with multiple nodes & a standby block producer. The cadanoX team actively monitors performance across our infrastructure and have data alerts in place for potential issues. Our infrastructure exceeds the recommended specifications and can be quickly scaled should the need arise.

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