Public Stake Pool

At cardanoX our commitment to our Ada Delegators and the Cardano ecosystem is that we will be maintaining 0% pool margin and reinvesting all cardanoX Ada rewards as additional pledge until June 2021


Ticker : CARDX

Pool Margin


Cost Per Epoch


42.6K ADA

340 ADA

Pool ID




A public stake pools can be identified by a unique ticker. In your Daedalus wallet for example, a user can search for and select stake pool to delegate to by using a ticker.

Cost Per Epoch

The Cardano protocol requires stake pool operators to charge a fee per epoch at a minimum of 340 ADA. At cardanoX, we chose to go with the absolute minimum to provide the highest rewards for our delegates.

Pool Margin

The pool takes a percentage  of your rewards every epoch to ensure that the pool can provide reliable servers and have the ability to scale with Cardano as more features are built on top of the network.

Pool ID


The pool ID is the public address that users can delegate to, and receive rewards.


Pledging is an important mechanism that encourages the growth of a healthy ecosystem within the Cardano blockchain. The amount of Ada pledged has been provided by the stake pool operator.


Lifetime Rewards

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